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Infrastructure :
In today’s world, they say nothing is impossible, the truth is that this statement can be experienced with Creo Scitex – the worlds fastest and most productive computer - to - plate direct exposing device with fully digitized page imposition assembly and other last minute editing applications like page retouching and text correction. Our list of equipments are as under:
Pre Press :
ICG 360 high-end drum scanner with a maximum resolution of 12,000 dpi is used for high quality colour scanning of transparencies and photographs. The Agfa Arcus II flat-bed scanner is used for scanning high quality line-works and from printed books.

Work-flow :
Brisque is the workflow to drive the CTP devices, running on the powerful IBM RS6000 processor on Unix platform. Brisque is a complete workflow solution for Postscript Ripping, Page Imposition using Preps imposition software, Auto Trapping and last minute corrections to the ripped data, all online. This lets us output fully trapped and imposed image on to the plate in perfect registration throughout the plate.

CTP-Computer to Plate
Creo LOTEM 400 CTP is a computer to direct plate exposing which gives precise and predictable, first generation very sharp halftone dot and makes it accurate and consistent for press work operations. The reality of very clean image without dust, scratches, tape marks, results in fast make ready and excellent registration between colours is a dream for the press operator.


A host of latest Macintoshes and Pentium 4 systems are used for pagesetting, manipulations and retouching. Apart from popular pre-press applications such as Photoshop, Quarkexpress, Pagemaker, Illustrator, Corel Draw etc, high-end software packages like Preps, Press touch, Improof are used for special applications.

Colour Management
We use Profile Wizard Suite colour management software for creating and editing ICC profiles which delivers consistent, accurate colour across the entire workflow such as scanner, monitors and printers. ICC profiles are created using X rite DTP 21 Colorimeter for monitors, DTP 41 Spectro Photometer for printers. X rite 518 Spectro Densitometer is used to check the colour references, halftone dot values in the plate and printed sheets.

Accurate Digital Contract Colour Proofing
The conventional flatbed proofing technology needs both film making, plate making and printing to produce very expensive colour proofs. We use Black Magic Software RIP which take the postscript data files and print the exact dot percentage on to Epson colour proofer, which matches the printed sheet, thereby saving substantial time and money.

Presses :
We are equipped with single, double and four colour printing presses with computer print control (CPC) for inking and registration. Alcohol damping is built-in to provide extra gloss and richness of the printed surface. All the machine are from world renowned Heidelberg, Germany.

Postpresses :
Our Binding machines include Heidelberg Polar automatic programme guillotine, Heidelberg stahl folder from Germany, JMC Programme guillotine, Uchita Drilling machine from Japan, Rosback saddle stitcher with 6 stage gathering from America, Perfect binder, Die punching and Embossing machine, Shrink Packing and other miscellaneous machines from India.

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